Having recently produced a Habit Change Checklist, I have been thinking a lot about my habits… those that work and are moving me in the right direction and those that are not.

One of the habits that works for me is exercise. In fact this has been the anchor habit upon which I have built my other habits.

And I can truly say that I enjoy exercising … well most days!!!

That doesn’t mean that I jump out of bed every morning excited to get my heart rate in the zone. But once I get started, I can honestly say I enjoy it.

This was not always the case. I viewed exercise as means to an end… if I exercised more, I thought that I could eat more or lose weight more quickly… neither of which are really true for me.  Have you found this to be true in your life?

Exercise makes me feel alive, empowered, healthy, fit… you get the idea… but I generally don’t drop weight without eating properly.  However when I incorporate exercise into my life, it makes me want to eat better.

The first few weeks of any exercise routine are really tough, because it is physically difficult… sore muscles, lack of energy, etc.…. as well as mentally difficult (read here for the stages of developing a new habit: Unbearable to Uncomfortable to Unstoppable).

But once the power of habit kicks in, it gets much easier to enjoy exercise.

I had a fundamental change in the way I viewed exercise. I no longer “had to” exercise. Instead I “had the privilege” of exercising. This was a deliberate change in thinking that drastically changed my attitude toward exercise (Read here about the power of positive affirmations).

When I exercise, I get to spend time that is just for me… not for my husband… not for my children… not for anyone else.

When I exercise, I am telling myself that
• I am important
• I am worthy of my time and attention
• I matter
• My health is worth taking care of

I love my role as wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend, etc. But my exercise is just for me!

Ultimately my family and friend benefit from my taking the time to exercise. I am undoubtedly a better wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend, etc. because of this habit.

Because of my daily exercise habit, I can
• Keep up with my granddaughter
• Participate fully in my life
• Enjoy adventures rather than just channel surf
• Sleep better
• Bike long distances with my cycling-enthusiast husband
• Run 5Ks with friends
• Walk up stairs without getting winded

How about you?  Are you feeling energized? Does your energy and fitness level make you a better wife, parent, friend, and human being?

If you are looking for a fitness program with excellent support and rocking accountability partners (read about their importance here), I highly recommend the My1fitlife program. I have been doing this low cost program since April, and it has taken my fitness to a new level. I am proud to now be an ambassador for them.

Previous to My1fitlife, I had already made exercise a priority in my life, by working out with a trainer, running a half-marathon, walking a half marathon, etc. But this program has helped me to incorporate exercise into my life on a daily basis without taking over my life, which can be tough balance to strike when you have a family and lots of obligations.

With my increased energy, I have found time to take on lots of new things that I would previously have scoffed at (such as writing this blog!).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. And if you join and are looking for an accountability partner, I would be happy to support you.

My fitness habit was the beginning of totally transforming my life… As I said, it is the anchor habit for all the other habits that have helped me shift gears from dreading aging to ROCKING MIDDLE AGE!



Habits are the key to changing your life... one habit at a time... use this guide to get started on the road to change!