Last year around this time, I took the time to develop and write down my goals for 2016.  I am a big believer in writing down your goals.  For me, they seem to transform from wishes to goals through the act of writing.  And I am pleased to announce that I completed the vast majority of my goals in 2016.

What was the difference this time (as opposed to other years)?  I took the time to really hash out what was most important to me for the year and chose goals that were actionable.

Also I referred to my list weekly to remind myself of what I was aiming to achieve in 2016.  Then I could plan baby steps to put me on the path towards completing my goals.

For example, reading my goal to be below a certain number on the scale was an impetus for me to sign up for my first 12 week challenge with my1fitlife back in April. You can read more about that here.

Reading my goal  that I was going to “give my all to homeschooling” in 2016, helped me to get back to devoting myself to my children’s education when I started to slip back into burnt out mode.

Life is short… it might not feel that way some days, but it is… I don’t want to sleepwalk though my life… Do you?

So I am taking the time to focus on my goal-setting for 2017 over the next week or so.  These goals are too important to just rush the process and slap some words on a paper and call it done.

My theme word for 2016 was HABIT.  You know how much I believe in the power of habits.

This year’s word is BOLD.  I will share my goals with you soon in hopes that they will inspire you to develop some goals of your own.

So don’t rush the process!  Take some time and set some goals.  Dig deep and dare to set some big time goals.  Because remember, together we can ROCK MIDDLE AGE!

P.S. I’d love to hear some of your goals… Let’s inspire each other!


Habits are the key to changing your life... one habit at a time... use this guide to get started on the road to change!