Figuring out my goals for 2017 has proven more difficult than I anticipated… Having had a lot of success with my 2016 goals seems to have created more pressure in my mind to come up with the “perfect” goals for the year.

But sometimes done is the best you can hope for, so eventually I just vomited all my ideas on a piece of paper. And then I let them sit there for a few days marinating.

And lo and behold, I am pretty happy with my list.

There are no big audacious goals on this year’s list but rather lots of smaller, building brick goals that will make for a great year.

So here they are:


Complete most/all of the activities from my hubby’s Christmas gift to me
Take dance lessons
Re-institute regular date nights


Continue to give my all to homeschooling (one of last year’s goals)
Help my children develop regular fitness routines
Take the kids to Boston & Philadelphia for homeschool field trips
Monthly dates with Peter & Lily – alone time with Mom


Give my all this year to get down to my best weight – whatever that is – I’ll know it when I get there – the scale does not define me!!!


Continue to focus on healthy and strong rather than thin
Plan long hikes to prep for Venture Crew trip to Floodwood this summer
5Ks – at least 4 this year


Develop a regular blogging schedule
Develop ROCKING MIDDLE AGE to its potential


Develop a more concrete and consistent morning routine… tweak what works and expand from there
Read one book a month

I would love to hear a goal or two that you have for 2017. Let’s inspire each other. So please leave a comment and let me know what you hope to accomplish this year. Let’s ROCK MIDDLE AGE in 2017!

P.S. Many goals are accomplished through developing new habits. My 30 Day Quickstart Guide to Habit Change can help you get started.