I don’t know about you, but January is always a tough month for me.  The lack of light and the post-holiday dull-drums have a tendency to get the best of me.

My supportive accountability partners (APs) helped to keep me this year from hitting rock bottom and from throwing myself into bad habits.  As one of my APs messaged me, “Be kind, gentle yet firm with yourself.”  It was perfect advice.  However in addition, I needed to channel my inner badass to really kick myself into gear.

So how did I do that, you ask?

It really was a combination of things.

I took a hard look at my habits – some I had let slip during the holidays – and I started slowly but surely adding them back into my routine.

These included my morning routine – my prayers, positive affirmations, reading, and writing.

I am grateful that exercise never got dropped over the holidays, although I have turned it up a notch since then.

Then I tried something new – I took a master’s swim class (Thanks Groupon!) at a local gym.  It consisted of an hour of lap swimming.  It was difficult… I was exhausted afterward… But I also felt a great sense of accomplishment.


I have also started running intervals again.  Nothing makes me feel more badass than running… Not because I run fast… I am slow and steady… But I run!  I am a badass runner!

What makes you feel badass? DO IT!

Not sure what makes you feel badass?  Try something new.  Groupon is full of opportunities to try something new at a low cost.

And it doesn’t have to be something exercise related.  Take a class at your local library, try a paint night, go dancing… you get the idea!

Don’t let the winter blues get you down.  Channel your inner badass and start ROCKING MIDDLE AGE!


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