As part of the fitness/food program I follow (Affiliate link), I have been taught to focus on babysteps that I want to accomplish weekly that will help me reach my bigger goals. I find these babysteps to be extremely helpful for getting me and keeping me on track.

For example yesterday I woke up in a REALLY BAD MOOD! I had had a very fun but busy weekend. There hadn’t been enough down time for me to feel prepared for facing a new week. And then I woke up my children (in particular, one child who shall remain nameless) who were feeling the exact same way. It was a bad morning for having to be the responsible adult around here!!!

I managed to get my strength training done throughout the morning but with very little delight. And I didn’t eat away my feelings which is always a positive. I never really got into a good mood yesterday, but my habits helped to keep me from crashing and burning into a pile of sloth and bingeing.

But toward the end of my day, as I evaluated the goals I had made for myself for this week, I saw my goal for doing 35 full pushups throughout the day. And despite my less than stellar mood, I decided to end my day on a positive note by doing my pushups. First I did 5… Took a break… then I did the next 10… break… 10 more… break… the last 10… And I was done!

The simple act of keeping a promise to myself… of completing one of my babysteps… turned the rest of my night around and had me telling myself what a good day tomorrow was going to be.

And yes, I woke up in a better mood this morning… determined to make today a good day… DETERMINED!!!

So I encourage you to set some goals for yourself… Think babysteps… Keep a promise to yourself and make this a great day… And let’s ROCK MIDDLE AGE TOGETHER!


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